Development of a family physicians’ network

In order to arrange outpatient health care services so that they meet the highest quality requirements, in accordance with the European Union Structural Funds and under the management of the Cohesion Fund, PSIA “Kauguru veselības centrs (Kauguri Health Centre)” has started a Subactivity “Improvements of the Medical Treatment Process of Family Physicians’ Practice in Kauguri Health Centre” of the programme “Infrastructure and Services”.

On 1 December 2011, PSIA “Kauguri Health Centre” concluded contract No. 3DP/ Implementation period of the project activities - 12 months.

The total eligible costs of the project constitute LVL 66 446.35, cofinancing with ERAF - 85% of the eligible costs without exceeding LVL 56 479.39 and private financing - 15% of the eligible costs without exceeding LVL 9 966.96.

The activities planned in the project correspond to the activities to be supported according to the Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers PSIA “Kauguru veselības centrs”.

During the project implementation period contracts are concluded regarding medical devices and equipment, as well as a contract on the acquisition and installation of furniture.

Soft chairs for visitors are placed in the family physicians' rooms of Kauguri Health Centre for the convenience of patients, new furniture is installed: work tables, ergonomic chairs, filing cabinets.

New and modern medical devices and equipment are placed in the family physicians' rooms of Kauguri Health Centre: an electrocardiograph, device for testing vision sharpness, otoscope, ophthalmoscope, medicine cabinets, movable screen, first aid kit, Janet syringe, packed physician’s bag, spyrograph with computer analysis of results, medical couches, fonendoscope for a physician, fonendoscope for a nurse, device for indirect blood pressure test, medical scales with height measuring device, new furniture and modern medical equipment installed in the manipulation and procedure room.

Medical equipment and equipment for family physicians will ensure a more qualitative outpatient service for residents of Jurmala, as well as facilitate the efficient placement and use of health care resources. Arranging of the practice infrastructure will promote family physicians to concentrate on Kauguri Health Centre and not plan a change of location.