Payment procedure


The patient pays only the patient fee for state funded services, but, since state funding is limited, the formation of queues is possible. Kauguri Health Centre provides the opportunity to visit a physician, to perform diagnostic procedures, etc. without having to queue for long periods of time. We offer to apply for a paid visit to aphysician. Payments for the services may be settled by means of a policy (paid by an insurance company) or by using the personal funds of the patient.

The procedure for the organisation and funding of healthcare, the types and amounts of medical services that are paid from the state budget and the resources of the service recipient, the payment procedure for the aforementioned services, as well as the procedure for the formation of queues of the applicants for the receipt of scheduled healthcare services are determined by Cabinet Regulation No. 1529 Procedures for the organisation and financing of healthcare of 17 December 2013.