What is health care at home?
A professional health care service provided by certified nurses, doctor’s assistants, physiotherapists, etc. specialists at a patient's place of residence (at home) in cases of a patient's disease, injuries or functional inability.

Who is provided free health care at home?
Patients who need regular outpatient medical care, but due to medical indications the patient is not able to arrive to a medical treatment institution.
Patients who do not have such medical indications due to which they should arrive to a hospital, but who still need medical care.
Patients having serious movement disorders due to which they are not able to arrive to a medical treatment institution.

"Usual" free health care is provided to patients having the following diagnoses and conditions:
• Sleeping patients having malignant tumours or tumours of an unclear and unknown nature;
• Patients with bedsores;
• Patients having cerebral palsy and other paralytic syndromes;
• Patients for whom respiratory therapy is necessary;
• Patients having movement disorders and the following diagnoses:

- HIV infection;
- Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus;
- Multiple sclerosis;
- Cerebrovascular diseases;
- Spinal cord damage consequences;
- Artificial opening;
- Condition after organ or tissue transplantation;
- Other conditions after an operation;
- Other surgical further care.
Free rehabilitation home care is provided to patients having cerebrovascular diseases if there are the following diagnoses:
• subarachnoid haemorrhage;
• intracerebral haemorrhage;
• brain infarction;
• insultus (without specifying if it is a haemorrhage or infarction);
• consequences of cerebrovascular diseases.

What is necessary to receive free health care at home?

“Usual” health care:
A family physician’s referral or other physician’s – specialist’s extract – referral is necessary from the inpatient medical treatment institution (hospital).
Rehabilitation home care:
A referral of a physician – rehabilitologist or rehabilitation medicine physician is necessary or an extract – referral of a physician – specialist from the inpatient medical treatment institution (hospital).
It must be specified in the referral why and what health care services are necessary to provide, the goal of the treatment plan to be achieved and the period of time within which it must be ensured.

What is the payment procedure for health care at home?

• A patient does not have to pay for the “usual” medical home care service because it is sponsored by the state.
• Rehabilitation home care provided by a rehabilitologist, physiotherapist or physiotherapist assistant is free for a patient because it is sponsored by the state.
• A patient buys the medications prescribed by a family physician (drugs, bandage materials, etc.) necessary to provide medical care at home himself/herself.

The usual medical care at home includes:

• the referred diagnostics (ECG, blood tests, etc.) and performing medical manipulations;
• assistance to a physician during diagnostic and medical manipulations;
• preparation of patients for diagnostic and medical procedures and examinations;
• palliative care for a patient;
• educating and training a patient and his/her family members in performing health care measures;
• provision of first aid until the moment of arrival of medical and ambulance services, etc.

Rehabilitation medical care at home includes:
• medical care provided by a physiotherapist or physiotherapist assistant.

How to apply for FREE health care at home?
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