A dermatologist both consults and treats in cases of cosmetological problems, and serious skin diseases. In case of the appearance of cosmetological skin problems (rash or acne) most people do not seek medical advice but treat themselves using various remedies at home. However, such an approach is often inefficient and only ensures short-term improvement of the condition. A dermatologist will help to select the most efficient skin treatment and care method.

Skin reflects the inner condition of the body. If acne, purulent and other types of rash appear, it is a warning – a specialist’s aid is necessary. But if there is piodermia, eczema, neurodermitis and other dermatoses, supervision of a physician dermatologist is simply necessary!
Physicians – dermatovenerologists of Kauguri Health Centre also perform diagnostics and treatment of sexually transmitted (venerologic) diseases. Treatment of patients is provided on an anonymous basis.

A dermatovenerologist consults and treats the following skin problems and diseases:
- cosmetological skin defects on the face and body (acne, rash, etc.);
- skin diseases of children and adults;
- application of diathermosurgery, cryotherapy for the treatment of warts, condyloma and molluscum contagiosum;
- cryomassage applied for the treatment of facial skin diseases;
- examination of moles using a dermatoscope;

- sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhoea, syphilis, AIDS, trichomoniasis, chlamydia infection);
- etc.

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