Every woman wishes to be healthy and happy, therefore a visit to a gynaecologist for the purpose of prophylaxis should be made twice a year. Treatment of a duly diagnosed disease requires considerably less effort and material investments.

A physician – gynaecologist gives consultations in family planning issues, selects a contraception method and preparations. It is possible to select medicinal products for women experiencing a menopause which prevent the unpleasant effects related to body aging dysfunction. A gynaecologist shall perform diagnostics of gynaecological problems and diseases, as well as perform the necessary gynaecological operations.

A gynaecologist performs treatment and gives an exhaustive, qualified consultation regarding the following issues:
- prophylactic gynaecological examination;
- gynaecological and breast ultrasonography;
- gynaecological problems;
- endocrinological problems in gynaecology;
- contraception issues;
- introduction and removal of an intra-uterine spiral;
- necessity of hormone substitution therapy and application in the menopause;
- issues regarding expected child-bearing;
- infertility diagnostics and treatment;
- new parents school, mummy school;
- pregnancy observation;
- observation during the post-birth period;
- termination of pregnancy;
- uterine cavity aspiration and preparation for cytological examination;
- correction of uterine prolapse by introducing a ring;
- diathermocoagulation;
- sexually transmitted diseases, their diagnostics and treatment.

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