Neurology: along the neural pathways, information about what we have perceived from sensory organs comes to the brain – the nervous system is responsible for the high quality processing of this information. The nervous system organises and coordinates all the life processes of the body – it provides our thinking, speaking and movement abilities, as well as the ability to sense emotions. A disease may cause both cerebral and peripheral nerve damage. The symptoms are pain, movement and receptor system disorders. A neurologist treats diseases which cause these disorders. Even during a simple but careful examination a neurologist is often able to precisely determine the cause of the unpleasant symptoms, but, in case of necessity, a neurologist also refers to additional examinations.

Neurological disease symptoms: internal symptoms of anxiety, fragile sleep, too early awakening, general asthenia, vertigo, headache, nape pain, pain in the area of the neck and shoulders, decreased concentration ability, different unpleasant feelings in the region of the heart, pain in the region of the waist-sacral region, tingling hands and legs, tremors, cramp attacks. People complain about these problems very often nowadays. It is important to start the treatment of this pain and unpleasant feeling syndromes duly and correctly. Their causes may be different, therefore after a careful examination of a patient, a neurologist selects the most suitable treatment method for every patient.

A neurologist consults and treats the following diseases:
Peripheral nervous system diseases:
   - neuropathy of the upper and lower extremities;
   - tunnel syndrome;
   - cervical, pectoral and spinal radiculopathy;
   - polyneuropathy. 
Central nervous system diseases:
*  cerebral blood flow disorders: 
   - a.vertebralis syndrome;
   - transient cerebral ischemia;
   - acute cerebral blood flow disorders;
   - chronic ischemias, in the decompression phase. 
* cerebral and spinal cord injury and neuroinfection consequences: 
   - posttraumatic encephalopathy;
   - myelopathy.

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