In order to ensure professional children’s medical care, an experienced team of paediatricians provide services for patients in Kauguri Health Centre.
We think that health care must be focused on individual and specialised care, therefore by visiting a paediatrician on a regular basis you will ensure regular health examinations of a child, systematically follow his/her development and prophylactic vaccination. A paediatrician helps to acquire knowledge about the correct diet for children, child care, infection prevention and the prevention of other diseases, prevention of children’s traumatism, etc.

A paediatrician:

  • performs planned prophylactic examinations, evaluation of a child’s development and gives recommendations;
  • provides aid in case of acute diseases, including home visits;
  • for infants – performs a comprehensive examination of a child,
    exhaustive consultations about child care,
    feeding and promotion of development.

This service is provided by: