Psychiatry is a field of medicine which investigates and treats mental diseases. The mental diseases represented by psychiatry are related to various emotional, behavioural, cognitive and perception disorders of people.

The 21st century that we all experience now has two sides to it. One of them is progress, the development of technologies and sciences, surprising discoveries and a lot of other aspects. The second side is that every day we all face stress, emotional tension, crisis situations, overload, etc. A person often tries to solve such problems himself/herself but he/she does not always succeed. Therefore, negative emotions accumulate and eventually present themselves in a very unpleasant way. But why should one wait for such a moment? There is a very simple solution – high quality professional aid. A professional in this case is a person who has specialised in providing assistance to everybody who wishes to receive it. A human life is full of various events – both pleasant and painful. However, emotional pain is particularly dangerous. It lies in the fact that such pain may seem insignificant, but, as a result it may cause crisis, trauma, depression or even an initial stage of mental disorders. It is often possible to meet people who are so concentrated on their work that they have forgotten how it is possible to have a rest! It sounds unbelievable but it is true. For men it may manifest itself as more frequent use of alcoholic drinks, while for women – inexpedient, useless purchases or groundless, sudden tears.

Anyway, the human emotional world is very fragile and easily influenced, therefore, in case of any problem, a visit to a specialist would be the best choice because it is important to find a correct and efficient solution quickly and qualitatively.

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