A urologist treats diseases of the urinary system organs (also diseases of men’s genital organs). This is a rather delicate field, but irrespective of this fact a patient should not suffer pain and neglect a disease due to shyness, laziness or fear. Urologists of Kauguri Health Centre will try to solve your problem quickly and efficiently.

A urologist performs diagnostics, treatment and operations:
Kauguri Health Centre employs highly professional physicians – urologists - and applies modern diagnostics and medical treatment methods. In most cases it is enough to prevent a disease.
Conservative treatment of all urological pathologies is performed on-site in Kauguri. In case of necessity of operations Kauguri Health Centre provides in-patient care in Riga for patients (mainly in the Urology Department of the Clinic "Biķernieki").
Treatment of kidney, ureter, urinary bladder stones, superficial urinary bladder tumour, prostate adenoma, urethral stenosis, and for women – in cases of urinary incontinence is performed by applying minimally invasive methods which considerably shortens the period of recovery.
A urologist performs complete urological examination and diagnostics:
- laboratory;
- ultrasonoscopy and uroflowmetric examination (urine jet parameters of men);
- etc.

A urologist’s patients are:
- Men having any urologic problems and diseases
   (kidneys, urinary bladder, prostate, external genitalia) including oncological and sexological diseases.
- Women having any urologic pathologies and diseases (including oncological diseases), as well as urinary incontinence.

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