Kauguru health center offers 2 modern phototherapies: for the whole body Dermalight in 2000 and for the skin of the therapy Dermalight 80UVB 311nm using UVB rays. UVB rays are Class B ultraviolet light with a medium wavelength, which can absorb the skin epidermis and which has been tested in practice, having a good therapeutic effect.
     Ultraviolet irradiation is used for both small areas, as well as a large area of skin to treat the body; especially in cases where other treatments proved to be low effective . Course of treatment consists of 20 sessions.

    UV exposure  lamps are used for of all forms of psoriasis, and eczema, urticaria, acne, lichen planus.
     Phototherapy is carried out with  referral of the dermatologyst and under his supervision. Only with a doctor's referral and over 18 years of age!

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