Protect yourself against flu

Vaccination against influenza is highly recommended for at-risk groups:

  • children aged 6 to 23 months (inclusive);
  • children and adults with chronic diseases and immunosuppression;
  • pregnant women;
  • medical personnel and medical support personnel who are in close contact with patients in the course of their work duties;
  • employees of long-term social care centers who are in close contact with clients in the course of their work duties;
  • clients of long-term social care centers;
  • persons aged 65 and over;
  • people with mental illness.

  You can get a flu shot and COVID booster at the same time!

Other news

Enjoy the Sun Safely

Tips how to Enjoy the Sun and Outdoors Safely

Vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis!

May the rest in nature be safe for the whole family!

May is melanoma and skin cancer awareness month

Melanoma Awareness Month 2023

Changes in the working hours of the ECG

EKG work hours 16.-19.05.2023

Congratulations on International Nurses Day!


It has been decided to remove the requirement

From May 12th

Protect yourself from pneumonia!

Pneumonia Can Be Prevented

Don't choose cheap beauty!

Par ko pārliecināties, pirms uzticēt kādam savu skaistumu un veselību?

Working hours during May holidays

Lai skaisti un ģimeniski svētki!

Home health care

State-paid medicine

Procedure and vaccination cabinet

Procedure and vaccination cabinet

Laser hair removal- effective method for the elimination of excess hair!

Efektīvi, droši un nesāpīgi!

Dentistry without pain and fear!

Laughter gas sedation for dental treatment

Algology !

Pain theraphy !

Preventive programs

Valsts apmaksā vairākas profilaktiskās veselības pārbaudes!

Medical foot care

Foot health is an integral component of overall vitality and well-being!

The physical therapy is closed on 17.03.2023

Information for patients!

Salt therapy really improves common respiratory issues!

Salt therapy for health and wellness!

Attaisnotajie izdevumi par ārstniecības pakalpojumiem

Ik gadu, sākot no 1. marta, ir iespējams atgūt pārmaksāto iedzīvotāju ienākuma nodokli (IIN).

Consultations of a narcologist

Information about the specialist

Occupational physicians working hours

Papildus pieņemšanas laiki arodārsta konsultācijām


Psychologist consultations at Kauguri Health center!

Digital dermatoscopy with VIDIX

Advanced digital dermatoscope, the VIDIX for dermatology diagnostics

New specialist - urologist!

Urologist K.Rībenieks starts working at Kauguru Health Center

Special price for Laser Hair Removal

Only now Laser Hair Removal for a great price

New specialist in Eastethic dermatology!

Laser Hair Removal with Laser Alma.

Ankle - brachial index (ABI) determination!

Ankle brachial index for the diagnosis of lower limb peripheral arterial disease

Kinesiological taping

Kinesiological taping helps reduce pain, manage swelling, increase circulation and lend extra support to muscles and joints

Latest advances in aesthetic medicine now at Kauguri Health Centre!

Latest advances in aesthetic medicine at Kauguri Health Centre!

Consultations by an algologist (pain doctor)

Pain management doctor

Protect Yourself From COVID-19

Seasons greetings!

Priecīgus Ziemassvētkus un laimīgu Jauno 2023.gadu!

Flu epidemic announced in Latvia

Flu epidemic announced on December 8th

Awarding of the Public Benefit Award of the Jūrmala State City Municipality

Awarding of the Public Benefit Award of the Jūrmala State City Municipality

Osteodensitometry (DEXA) scan

Osteoporosis Diagnosis

How to make an appointment with a specialist

How to make an appointment with a specialist, choosing the most appropriate time!

Greetings on independence day

Sirsnīgi sveicam Valsts svētkos!

Appointments for 2023!

The calendar for 2023 is open!

Phototherapy for health!

Phototherapy is the use of light to treat skin disorders

Education Lecture : Headache

The opportunity to visit it at Kauguri health center for free

Get the flu vaccine!

The best way to protect yourself and your loved ones against influenza (flu) is to get a flu vaccine!

October - health month in Jurmala!

Visa mēneša garumā Jūrmalā norisināsies veselības mēneša aktivitātes bez maksas!

A new specialist at Kauguru Health center

Vaccination against Covid-19!

With the beginning of the autumn season, we invite you to take a booster vaccination against the Covid-19 infection!

Vaccination against Covid!

Vaccination against Covid-19 is available to everyone in Latvia

A new specialist - an ophthalmologist!

Book an appointment with an opthamologist

About changes in working hours

About changes in working hours

Changes in working hours:

Tradīcijām bagātākie latviešu svētk Līgo -Jāņi ir klāt!

eVeselibasPunkts - Your e-health in your own hands!

Make an appointment with your doctor, choosing the most suitable appointment time!

The latest technology for the ophthalmologist!!

Even more modern diagnostics!

Opportunity to prepare your feet for summer!

Podiatrist performs foot assessment and treatment!

Employment of Ukrainiens


New website for Kauguri Health Center

We are pleased to offer you the new website of Kauguri Health Center.

We are looking for a colleague - CARDIOLOGIST


We honor Neurologist Dr. Silvija Kairiss

53 years helping patients regain their health and joy of life!

Information about assistance to Ukrainian residents in Jurmala

Palīdzības sniegšanu Jūrmalā koordinē Labklājības pārvalde.

State-paid health care services for Ukrainian citizens

Health care services for Ukrainian citizens #SlavaUkraine; #StandWithUkraine

Support for Ukraine

МЕДИЧНА ДОПОМОГА #SlavaUkraine; ; #StandWithUkraine

Osteodensitometry - DEXA

Osteodensitometry (DEXA) - A diagnostic method for determining bone mineral density

Primary vaccination and booster vaccination

Kauguri Health Center provides both primary and booster vaccination against Covid.

AKTUĀLI! Valsts apmaksāta vakcinācija pret grupu riska grupām

Stop the flu

Honorary Diploma of Jurmala State Municipality

KVC ophthalmologist Inesa Trubaceva was awarded an honorary diploma